Can I disable driving unless in cab view?


Is there a rule (or combination of rules) that I can use to prevent the player from driving a train unless in internal cab view?

I'm trying to simulate the situation where a driver would leave his cab to set points for entry into a yard, then re-enter the cab and propel the train (ie with loco at the back) into a siding under hand signals from a yard shunter.

I have got successfully got the session to display html files with images to represent the hand signals, I'm trying to force the player to drive the train from in the cab of the loco and rely on these hand signals, rather than "ride on" the leading vehicle whilst driving.

I have got the "Wait for Camera View Mode" rule to check the camera is set to internal view, but how can I disable the driving controls?
Use “<kuid:-16:10212> Startup Options” rule and set the “Current control method” to “Realistic mode”.
Use “<kuid:-16:10212> Startup Options” rule and set the “Current control method” to “Realistic mode”.

There is also a "Control Type" rule, kuid;-16:2030. Unfortunately on both of these the options are only "Easy" or "Realistic" - ie DCC dial or separate throttle/brake/reverser controls. There is no "Disabled/None" option, which is what I need.
Is that realistic? Would the engineer stop a train then climb out throw a switch then get back in the train and drive? I think the engineer drives the train and the brakeman would get out throw the switch then the train would proceed.
sometimes the crew will take a time saving shortcut which results in the brakeman being on the wrong end of the train temporarily
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I think the 'Set Camera' rule should do what you are looking for. It has options to enable / disable player access to various views.