Can Anyone help find Bucyrus Erie Crane


RR Mod Maker
I have tried every possible search for the Bucyrus Erie Crane by Vulcan
found both versions of the trucks but no crane. I really liked it and hoped to find it for it is very typical of the wrecking cranes and needed one badly.

can anyone help? i am not sure if Vulcan is still active but thought i would try here first. thanks

I found an animated boom, drivable crane, on some European site, possibly German ... does anyone have that link ? used to have it.

I also have a Kran (sic) I downloaded from a Russian site once. It was either or Trainz.up, both of which are reputable sources. These cranes are very North American looking, however, their gauge is a bit wide.

The KDE161-1161 bucket crane, by: TRan which was somewhere on a Russian or Polish site deserves an award for scripting ... although the commands are written in Russian, or Ukraine language