Can anyone share me this asset? Auran dash-9

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I don't see anything by Auran per se, or the exact livery, but here are several BNSF Dash 9s on theDLS:

<kuid2:45324:100015:1> BNSF Dash 9-44CW
<kuid2:37573:100268:4> BNSF Dash 9-44CW ARN
<kuid:678519:1393> BNSF H3 Dash 9-44CW
<kuid:656225:102007> BNSF Dash 9 #675
<kuid:656225:100085> BNSF Dash 9 #684
<kuid:656225:102009> BNSF Dash 9 #981
<kuid:656225:102025> BNSF Dash 9 #766
<kuid:656225:100091> BNSF Dash 9 #788
<kuid:656225:100090> BNSF Dash 9 #966
<kuid:656225:100088> BNSF Dash 9 #972
<kuid:656225:100596> BNSF Dash 9 #4723
I wish I could help you since I was in the same situation as you several years ago when I discovered the Auran Dash 9 as well. Unfortunately, none of us are able to get that model, even when I just tried the Wayback Machine and that Auran database page has been excluded from the WM and there's nothing we can do about it. Not too many Auran made early engines (non-default engines) made it to present day.
BTW, Trainmaster189 recently uploaded a nice Dash-9, <kuid:656225:100835> BNSF Dash 9-44CW #981 H3 (Post 2008)
Thanks but im looking for specifically the dash 9 that auran made, it was avaiable in the Content Creator Art Source Pack but it isnt avaiable to buy anymore :(

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Aw man... I would buy the pack if the website wasnt taken down.

There isnt even a copy on ebay or amazon.
I dont see why they would prevent everyone from buying it, its annoying for everyone :/
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