American Intermodal Cranes Not Working For Trainz 2019

This screenshot was taken using Trainz 2019 so I know it works. Did you try and put the crane in the route layer? For me it works in 2019 and 2022.

I should have quoted this instead, but what commands did you give the driver of the Mijack crane to load/unload trucks and wellcars?
I do not give any commands to the cranes. If you have the loaded well cars parked in the "unload area" it will tell you the process will start in one minute. Sometimes you have to help the crane by having the first truck with an empty trailer stopped next to the loaded well car, then it should take off.
Okay. Maybe it's just Trainz giving me a hard time cause there's almost never a time it doesn't give me one. Thanks for the help. I'll keep this thread open in case someone might have another suggestion to fix this issue.
I am assuming you have the red trucks driving through the facility pulling empty trailers? If you do, you have to click on it and hit "stop train" next to the loaded car and and crane should take off after the one minute.
No, just the ramps, and blue loading arrows. If you put the crane in the route layer try and place your well cars in route layer also and run a quick drive from route layer and see if that works.