Busy Day in Greenwood (2 Shifts on the New Haven Railroad's Highland Division)


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Howdy folks,

Many of you have enjoyed my graphical upgrades of the Trainz Legacy route, Highland Valley, by CeeBee, a route fun by itself and even better with some tweaks. Well, I've got some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that I lost my original upgrade to the route, the good news is I've started a new version, this one set in the late 1950's/early 1960's. I have decided to name it the New Haven Railroad Highland Division as it is being made to run with New Haven content as well as New York Central guests and occasionally an LIRR job lurking on NYC trackage (You're welcome Dietrich :hehe: ). The line runs a mixture of steam, diesel, and electric power, all of which you will learn about either here or further stories to come.

So, please enjoy this segment of Stories from the New Haven Railroad Highland Division.

Part I: "2 Shifts in Greenwood"

In the early hours of the morning, Greenwood yard is completely vacant of activity. You can hear the burbling of ALCo's in and around the diesel shops as they idle, the occasional clanging of tools hitting the ground in the steam shops, porters on the station platform telling stories and jokes over a hot cup of coffee before the morning commute begins, and the ticking of typewriters from within the yard office as a secratary staying up late with some paperwork tries to finish so she can return home to her family. Yes, Greenwood is a peaceful town, nestled in the Berkshire Hills, home to a railyard as well as locomotive shops, railroad offices, a freightshed, and a beautiful Union Station. To the New Haven Railroad, it is an essential part to the Highland Division and the railroad strives to serve the town as well as every other locale in its system with pride and reliable service.

It is 1 AM, and an 0-6-0 brings a lone boxcar from the yard to be loaded up before the next freight train is assembled and leaves in the comming daybreak.

As day sheds light over the mountains, the railroad starts to show some signs of life. It is 6 AM, and the first EMU's to and from Lumby are seen at Highland Lake station. The 2-unit EMU's (and the only electrics currently being run by the New Haven on the Division) that are going to Lumby will convert power to DC with 3rd rail shoes (from AC provided by the overhead catenery through pantographs) within the tunnel directly past the station. Passengers getting off here have access to the small beach and mom and pop restaurant inside the cottage as well as having access to various ferries and boats accessible through the timber jetty. In these pictures we see one EMU arrive as another departs for it's final destination and layover in Greenwood.


It's 11 AM and we're back in Greenwood yard. The Division's lone RDC comes to a halt in front of the yard office, waiting for the day's work order. Freight trains either comming into the yard or only passing through off the Afton Branch are mandated to stop here and check in with the Operations Supervisor and all engineers on the job board for the branch must check in here at the start of their shift.


It's noon and the Division's two big steam locomotives have stopped into the yard for a drink and a quick rest while the crews have lunch. The 2-10-4 was acquired from the Maybrook to help run freight up the Afton Branch's difficult grades while the AC11 Cabforward was purchased as an experiment to alleviate the difficulties of running steam in numerous long tunnels and enclosures. Both locomotives are restricted to freight, and all steam is prohibited from running past Fox Point Jct. to the south in fear of damaging the 3rd rail that powers New York Central and New Haven commuter electrics into Lumby.


Close by a New York Central Niagara takes on coal before returning home to New York Central trackage.

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It's 12:30 PM and the express for the Afton Branch is departing a half hour late due to track crews performing some work on a couple of switches in the vicinity of Robbins. The Light Pacific is the Division's medium steamer and is used exclusively on passenger service over the Afton Branch. Here she sits in Greenwood Union Station preparing to depart.


The Afton service runs a mixed consist of both heavyweight and lightweight Pullman equipment in a variety of paint schemes.



5 PM rolls around and a McGinnis FA1 lugs three heavyweights past the interlocking tower, headed for Lumby.

An hour later, a pair of New York Central FA2's bring a short freight over the grade crossing outside of town.

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After the FA2's move into the yard, an RS11 drags some lightweight equipment destined for Union Station followed by a layover in the yard.

A pair of 44-Tonners march steadily towards the station to pick up the passenger cars from the RS11 so the ALCo can head to the diesel shops to have a quick servicing. The 44-Tonners are normally separated so one can tend to the steam shops and the other the diesel shops but today the yard crews are shorthanded with the two S2's normally assigned to yard switching being fueled and serviced.

The aforementioned S2's sit outside the diesel shops after being serviced and fueled for future yard work starting bright and early the following day.

FA1's with FB1 mates burble on the adjacent tracks, resting after a hard days work.

Night soon falls upon Highland Valley and the peaceful town of Greenwood. Nights here are never lonely however, as the railroad breathes constant life into the valley. So if you're awake late at night, you're always in good company with the distant thunder of a steam locomotive in the hills, the burble of diesels resting for the night, or the hum of electrics relaxing after running back and forth all day.
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It really bugs me when people load .png files in a thread. I have a very fast broadband connection, and it still takes forever to load the pictures.

Other than that, it's nice work.
It really bugs me when people load .png files in a thread. I have a very fast broadband connection, and it still takes forever to load the pictures.

Other than that, it's nice work.
I get 54MBps and loaded in 30 seconds:confused: :p

Anyways nice work tbob loved the story,was wondering what you have been up to:hehe:
I'm sure the shots are really good but life is too short to wait for huge .png files to download. Gave up.

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. I've replaced the png's with jpg's, my printscreen automatically saves them as png's.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

-Jesse D.-:wave:
I hate to bring up this older thread, But I am wondering has there been any more progress on this wonderful route?