Dealing with a damaged pantograph


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Hey Y'all; Don't know how Trainz could work in these 2 guys and their saw dealing with a damaged pantograph, but it is an interesting thing to note:

New Haven, Connecticut, USA, October 29, 2023 "Portioning the Pantograph" On the afternoon of October 29th, 2023 Amtrak ACS-64 605 suffered an issue with its pantograph between New Haven Union & State Street stations (CP 273) on the Metro-North Railroad New Haven Line while on a non-revenue positioning move towards the New Haven Yard Loop. This resulted in downed catenary wire and single-tracking through the area. Metro-North crews can be seen cutting the damaged pantograph from 605 before the disabled consist is moved out of the affected area.
Although not exactly the same thing, photo very much brings to mind a book by Noel T. Holley, The Milwaukee Electrics, Hundman Publishing, 1999. Somewhere in it, here at 02:26am I'm too lazy to get up cross the room, move the defunct printer, and get it from bottom shelf, it recounts an interview with a catenary maintainer who mentioned that after a wreck the catenary crew could repair the wires and be back in bed before the wrecker crew even got to the site. Also tells about the maintenance truck created by a supervisor of surname Wiley, which made that kind of timing possible.