building a new computer

but a catastrophic failure seems to stay with you.

Which is why I loathe ATI:p

Sure each to their own, not trying to pimp myself as the master decision maker at all, but the top five cards atm are NV....sure ATI will (maybe) topple them, but I can assure you they won't be no1 in the charts for long due to NV's market share and deep pockets :cool:
I also have a dislike of Cooler Masters exploding power supplies and I had major problems with three Gigabyte boards, poor quality soldering.

Thing is you can find someone who has had a problem with every manufacturer at some point, as there are always going to be the defective items that slipped through quality control or the flawed design.
I had major problems with three Gigabyte boards, poor quality soldering.

Thats interesting. I used to have a Packard Bell 6810 SLI which had a Gigabyte motherboard and the soldered joint on the connector to the CPU went, but I managed to sort it before the CPU went up in smoke.
The original GPU needs 500watt at max output. The 6870 needs 2 6pin pci conns.
The cpu (i7 2600k) is rated at 95 watt.
150 watt for spare capacity = 750 watt minimum.

Worried me here for a second...

After doing a bit of research have found that the 6850 doesn't need 500w, that is the recomended supply.

What I have found is that the 6870 needs 373w at full loads

And that an i7 needs 114w at full load

So from this I conclude that... I7 114w + GPU 373w +150w= 487w>

So in theory I should be alright with the 675 psu (see below)

An update is that I have bought mostly the stuff as posted in the first post.

I have managed to find a radeon 6870 relisted and cheap on ebay.
I also found a deal on a thermaltake 675w power supply.

I managed to get it from ebuyer at £64 pounds i think.

Shall update when I have news... waiting for the power supply to arrive.

Best regards and thanks for the replies

Yes but, first, you need to factor in other components and, second, you need to take into account that most power supplies deliver much less than their rated current. The wattage/current ratings are a maximum and many can't do that, at least not sustained. 675 or 700W is cutting things close. A PSU is one thing not to cheap out on, as many of us have discovered the hard way.

FYI, if you haven't yet, try the outervision PSU calculator.
Re your from this I conclude= 487w, close but no banana. Should be =637w.
And yes it was recommended not needs for the gpu wattage.

Just doubled checked with the power calculator and it recomends 410 watts (465 when I add hdd drives which I am thinking of adding at a later date).

So it seems 675w should be alright. Reading reviews it seems to do the business and I also remember reading that it garentees that it will output 665w.

Best regards

DR Jones the thing is, when calculating your PSU should you work out the "absolute minimum" you can get by with or should you assume the bare minimum + about 10% on top for unknown factors?
I have worked out it should use at max 465w so 10 per cent is 45w and I have bought a 675w decent brand psu. So in theory the psu leaves a decent safety margin.

I definetely admit that 600w would have been cutting it fine 500w would have been definatly a bad idea.

Best Regards
It depends on the brand and model of the power supply but my gut feel is you're too close to the line.

There are some other variables to take into account, one of which would be the quality of the power at the plug. If you have something like a refrigerator in the house this can cause problems on the power line and your power supply may not be able to produce the clean power the GPU, CPU, motherboard etc require.

Cheerio John
hmm well suppose theres one way to find out :p

My gut feeling is it should be alright as its well above the max required by all componenets (by about 200w).

But thanks and I will endevour to keep all updated. Feel free to use the words I TOLD YOU SO if the worst does come to the worst.

Best Regards

Hia all Just an update.

The Computer went together without a hitch.

I can fully reccomend it as a trainz computer. Have been getting some silky smooth runs on the ECML in 2012.
However I think when money allows I will upgrade the PSU to something bombproof.

Bestest Regards

Computer is as follows...

2600k i7 3.4ghz
Asus P8Z68 gen 3 pro motherboard
Corair 8gb ddr3 1800 memory
Radeon HD 6870 ATI Graphics Card
Crucial M4 SSD 120 gig (Slower Drive meant to be more dependable) for Windows 7, Solidworks (got about 50gb to spare atm)
Crucial Force 3 128 gb SSD For trainz
WD 1.5tb hard drive for all other things (seems to run programs and games off it quite nicely)
Toughpower 675w PSU (Will upgrade when money allows)

This Rig scores 7.8 in the windows test.

All In all very impressed that It went together without a fuss. I reccomend building oneselfs computer providing you are careful with antistatic and can use a screwdriver its hard to go wrong.

I have been running the Midshire Mainline route (which is a cracking route btw). There are no signs of lag as yet and there must be above 50 consists on the route. What I was impressed with was when running past Polgreen depot (which as I'm making a morning session has about 20 consists with plenty of Virgin Voyagers, 323's, 150's and 1/2 rakes of coaches) there isn't any lag even whilst traveling at 60+ MPH.

Very please with how its turned out. Thank you to all that have helped and advised.

Bestest Regards