Buggy ATLS crossings.


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They work sporadically. Sometimes the gates/flashers/sounds work when trains come and sometimes they don't. I tried reassigning new channel numbers to the crossing components: no luck.

I am working on the Mojave Sub. The crossing gate at Tehachapi station even gets stuck in the down position long after the train passes.

This is a double track section and the triggers are set for two-way traffic/4-trigger system. I have been running test trains up and down for several hours trying to troubleshoot this crossing.

The bad thing is, I can't run test trains in the surveyor mode.
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Silly question, but do you have 4 triggers on each track? 2 on each side of the crossing and 2 much further out on the approach and departing area. Check that each one is set up the same as this can cause problems if one is not correct, it is easy for this to happen with so many things to set up. The important thing is that each train must pass 4 triggers in your set up. 1 to activate the crossing, 2 ignored, 3 deactivate the crossing & 4 ignored. If the sequence is not completed then the gates will fail.
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