British Wood-carrying wagons?


Devourer of Pancakes

I've been looking for some British (preferably both pre- and post-BR) wagons capable of carrying the default wood cargo, but I've been having no luck reliably finding anything, as there's no real method to search for them, as far as I can tell.

I know it's possible to add a cargo to a wagon, but as far as I know, you need to this manually, per instance of a wagon you've placed, which is a little... inconvenient.
Clone the wagon and add the load you want.

In Content manager search for the loads, category commodity, select one right click list dependants.

I have some log loads you might be interested in they're pit props and are made to fit specific wagons.

Have a look at kuid2:86627:100189:1, many of the 5 and 7 plank wagons take the same texture file so you can copy them across if you want a different texture.

Cheerio John
Have you tried the BR OTA wagons? There are three that take the standard log loads, long and short.

kuid:283805:15149, kuid2:283805:15065:2, kuid2:283805:15064:2