Brisbane Model Train Show


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I have not been around the forum much lately so this may be covered elsewhere.

Does anyone know if Auran will have a stand this year?

Also who is going to the show this year (except me :) )?

Hey Geoff

All things going to plan and if I'm not forced to work that weekend. I'm certainly going to try to get in. Anyhow try doing a web search for the show. They usually have a web site with exhibitors and exhibits listed.

I missed last year but I'll make my presence felt this year. Hope you can all put up with me for three days.:p
Has Auran given any details as to what is happening over that long weekend. I was wondering if someone could fill us in on any info about it please??
I'll be there to get my yearly trainz fix.

Pikkabird, g'day i have been without a computer for too long now, hence i still don't have your great QR stuff.
would it be possible to get them off you at the show? or easier still you could leave them at the Auran stand for me to collect.
if that's ok with you?
I sent an email about a wk ago don't know if you got it.

Torana :)
From the newsletter.

Once again Auran will be promoting Trainz at this years Brisbane Miniature Train Show, in what has become an annual event since the launch of the original Trainz program and this year will see the inaugural Trainz U-Drive Display, proudly sponsored by Auran and Trainz.
The Trainz U-Drive Display is a safety awareness display which will allow the general public to experience just how hard it is to stop a train moving travelling at various speeds. Utilizing Trainz Railroad Simulator and the RailDriver Desktop Cab Controller from P.I Engineering, patrons will drive the 5 minute, 4 station passenger route aiming to bring their train to a comfortable and safe stop on Brian 'shamrock2002' Jeffrey's custom map, Brisbane North.
Entry is by gold coin donation and all successful drivers will go into the draw to win a copy of Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006.
When: Queensland Labour Day Long Weekend, May 5th, 6th & 7th, 2007.
Where: RNA Showgrounds Sheep & Wool Pavilion, Crn Gregory Terrace and Alexandria Street, Bowen Hills.
You can get more details about the Brisbane Miniature Train Show from the website at Stop by and say g'day - we'd love to see you there.

Yeah guys ill be goin, not sure if ill recognise any of you but should be a good show, first one ive been to. The suprising thing is that my girlfriend pointed it out to me, i hadnt seen any advertising or anything on it!!

Pikkabird, g'day i have been without a computer for too long now, hence i still don't have your great QR stuff.

Hello Torana,

I did get your email, yes, sorry I didn't reply sooner.

All my QR stuff should be available via my website and the DS.
QR models

Hi Pikkabird,

Thanks mate, :eek:

Don't know how i survived this long without these great QR models.

Have you ever considered doing the 21-2400 class range (original & bronco)
and the Sunlander coaches at all (The ones in TRS2004)
or the older wooden carriages?
that would be awesome to have a full sunlander with the lot.
including a club car, sleepers & dinning car etc.

That, i would pay good $$$ for :D

Torana :)

P.S. Any QR fans that don't have these yet, Do yourself a favor now!