Brand new installation of TRAINX 12


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This thread is so long to search through, please accept my apology if this question has been answered before. I have installed , removed Trainz-12 and re-installed multiple times. The program appears to be extremely unstable. Now, I know better. I can't believe this application is unstable for the majority of users.

Typical things that happen...
I prefer running the program, using the "slider" controls", rather than the "DCC" option. Generally, I can choose to use the mouse pointer to set "Direction" "Throttle" and "Brakes", but I am also comfortable to use keyboard keys to do the same thing. Most recently, I find that sometimes, the slider controls disappear, and with that, the keystrokes don't work, either. This forces me to "Ctrl-Alt-Del" my PC and re-run the application from scratch. Sometimes the next session is better, but often, reloading yields a "frozen" set of controls.

Somehow, the display window is locked in at a fixed size now. I could live with that, but the graphics are acceptable enough that I kinda like the full screen view. Admittedly, the animation renders a lot more smoothly with the smaller window... but somehow, I suspect that re-sizing the window should have no ill effects. My video card is a NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT and my screen resolution is set to 1920 x 1080. Perhaps this is not a good video card for TRAINZ 12??

The only other thing I can really tell you is that the program used to be better than it is now... I'm just about to uninstall and look for something else...
Hi Tom,

What version are you running? The build number is important for troubleshooting. You will see this when you start up and is located on the right corner in the Launcher screen.

Before we start, could you please post your complete computer specs? That will be really helpful going forward.

Your video card is quite old and at the lower end of support if it is at all. Keep that in mind as this will affect your performance.

In relation is the graphics settings for the program. In order to work well full screen, they need to match your computer's display settings. If you have a 1980 x 1080 display, you can set the settings in game to 1980 x 1080, and be sure to check the Full screen checkbox to ensure you will be running at full screen. Also relating to the display is the DirectX vs. Open/GL. Open/GL is loaded by default and does have lower performance on some video cards. Try changing to DirectX and see if this gives you better performance as it does in many cases.

Given that you currently have a lower end video card, you may also have to lower the graphics settings to achieve better performance. Cut back on the draw distance and other settings until you achieve the best compromise. Keep in mind that some people put a lot of assets (objects) on a route and this can impact the performance.

Now the controls. Losing the controls maybe related to the AI taking control if you are doing that. If the AI are driving, you can not drive the locomotive and the controls will disappear. The same will also occur if you click on a train car and not a locomotive because there are no controls, and if you pull into an interactive industry such as a station or coal mine for example.

Now one more thing? Your station bar does not indicate you have a registered copy. Please register your software as that will allow for better support here in the forums as more people will be willing to assist you. If you have already registered under a different user name, contact the Help Desk and they can assist you in merging accounts. In the event the software was purchased used, it may already be registered and this will require contacting the Helpdesk as well.

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Yea, just to re-iterate the important part of Jcitron's post:
We can probably help you figure out what it is you need to do to fix your problem, but we REALLY need more information.
At the least, we need:
-Computer Stats:
CPU (Type and GHZ Rating)
RAM (Amount)
*Graphics Card (But you've already provided this)

-Trainz Build Number

Get us those three things that we don't already have and theres a good chance we can at least narrow down whats causing you issues. We might need to know a bit more, Up to and including KUID's of specific Assets you're using, but for now the above will get us started.


Edited to add: PS: If you don't know where to find any of that, or are unsure about it, feel free to ask us about it and we can talk about it then.