The whimsical physics of the Trainziverse

Sometimes I like to zoom out from route building and look at my layout from space and ponder the deeper metaphysical questions in-game TRAINZ characters might be occupied by, like: Do they wonder if they're living in a simulation? or What lies beyond the outermost baseboards? and If we keeping adding baseboards do they eventually curve back on themselves so that we end up back where we started? or Is the pixel the most fundamental particle? or Are there other layouts besides ours and how would we know? or Will the next update destroy the universe?

(Apologies for the whimsical drift which will neither help enthusiasts build better routes or solve layout issues, but there are more things in TRAINZ and Earth...)
Pondering what lies beyond
How would you like to be transformed into a Trainz 3D person and have to live within your own route ? Where's a comfortable bed when you need one ? You might be able to hear the steaks sizzle on the grill with the right sound file, but will the food have any flavor ? It might get a little lonely while seeking companionship.
I like big routes so that I won't feel so trapped within the baseboard limits.

What lies beyond the Outer Limits.
There was a Star Trek episode that was centred around a steam train that was running on the holodeck.
Star Trek: The Next Generation, Episode 7x23, "Emergence". most of the episode takes place within the holodeck, specifically on a mockup of the orient express, as the ship's computer seems to develop its own intelligence and consciousness. pretty good episode!