Problem with 3rd Party Content - Jumping from T:ANE up to TRS2022


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Help/advice will be appreciated, I'm having trouble getting content to show up in TRS2022:

Bought it on Steam, took the build folder out of my C drive and stuck it in a location within the Steam's folder for the game on my D drive (I did make sure to also change the local content path setting to the NEW location within the Steam folder for TRS2022). I then wanted to get all the content I had loaded in T:ANE into 2022, so I tried following the instructions provided within the Trainz Launcher. I *thought* I did it right - I copied every folder/file out of T:ANE's build folder, and pasted it all into 2022's [relocated] build folder. It all copied over, and the files it asked me whether I wanted to replace or keep the existing ones, I chose to keep the existing ones within 2022's build (didn't want to accidentally overwrite the wrong things). I then went into Content Manager, went to my various download folders for all my K&L, JR, Trainz Forge, etc. files and imported all cdp's to make sure it all got into 2022. Ran through the 'missing dependencies' list to get everything else I needed, and as expected there were plenty of things with errors and such. I ignored it for the time being to check out what would show up in-game.

Nothing is showing. The route I was working on in T:ANE is nowhere to be seen. The only locomotives that seem to show up are some narrow-gauge Ben Neal assets that are at the moment missing dependencies; anything from K&L, JR, or Trainz Forge seems to be non-existent. I have not looked completely through the Objects or Track menus in Surveyor to see if anything made it through for those categories, but I don't think most (if any) of the content made it across.

I do not know if it is simply that I did something wrong, or if I'm jumping the gun on a brand-new version of Trainz that still needs some updates and such. If I did just goof up the transfer of assets from T:ANE to 2022, I would be very grateful for guidance on performing this properly (the original build folders in my C-drive still remain, won't be getting rid of those until I get this mess figured out). If it's an issue of the content either being supported or not by TRS2022, I'd appreciate some info so I know what's going on or what's wrong.

Sorry for the long story, but I'm really hoping to find some help here. If there's additional details needed, let me know!
Nevermind! I ended up looking at the Content Store out of curiosity, noticed a BUNCH of updates so I did all of them... performed another round of checking for missing dependencies and now all my stuff seems to be in TRS2022! Yippee!!! :Y:
A lot TUME (paid) items cannot be changed and are flagged faulty for various reasons. Tume was a paid download and should be updated.