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Seeing as I've been away so long, I thought it was easier to ask than search.

In anticipation of T:ANE, I'm thinking of booting up TRS2010 and starting up a route.
Back in the day, there were a few ways to 'overlay' images on top of baseboards, so that track could be placed.
I even bought a program back then, that helped with that.

All I'm looking for now though, is something that images can be placed on, so that they are a guide for laying track.
I was just wondering if anything new along those lines had been created in my absence.

Nothing new in TANE that does what your looking for, that I'm aware of. There was talk early on (more of people voicing desire) for some sort of Google Earth implimentation, but it didn't really go anywhere. There is still the HOG/DEM software (come to think of it, there might be a new program out...)or the baseboard planes, basically a large box you skin a your map onto.

I found the 1Kx1K basemap assets on the DS.
I'm pretty they're the ones I used briefly a long time ago.
A low-tech solution, but works with a lot of effort put in.

I did buy TransDEM shortly before I left the community, and that worked great.
Can't find the software or the Email receipt, so I don't know if geophil can do anything for me or not.
At the very least, I can use those BaseMaps to get my track down.

Never had much luck with HOG. Always came out looking like an explosion for me. :hehe:
Who was it that used to upload all those blank HOG terrains?
They certainly had HOG working well.

Contact Roland Ziegler via his website or a PM here. He should remember you and be able to help. If not purchasing the latest version would be the way to go anyway as this has a lot of nice nifty features like being a 64-bit program that handles bit amounts of data without suffering from a stroke, and has other nice features too like the ability to take in GeoPDF files without needing to extract the information externally. (It uses an external program, but it does it in the program without user-intervention).

The old basemaps are the way to go too for what you are doing now. I can see you found them already. I've used them for small projects, but I find that they can get in the way sometimes. I too never had luck with HOG and ended up with spikes all over the place instead of a useable landscape.

@Rick: fishlipsatwork! That's right. I knew I'd know it as soon as I saw it. He really churned out a load of high detail terrain.
Shame he stopped when he did.
Burnt out I expect.

@John: I contacted Roland before I started the thread, and he just got back to me requiring some details off me, so hopefully I can get the normal version back.
Hope it runs OK on Win 7 64-bit.
I fully intend to upgrade to the latest version when I buy T:ANE.
I just want to use it for a while, to get used to the software and the workflow again, and get a bit of practice in Surveyor again. :)
And the basemaps moulded to the terrain look just mind-blowing!

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HOG and Transdem map images are way off by up to 30m in all x-y-z positions were the lines are drawn, tracks down in river channels, and rivers up on hillsides.

It is used as a rough guide were the tracks should go, and eyeballing where the cuts are in the terrain is an art, and judgement guestimate.

Trees and buildings throw off the actual DEM height, and map images are not accurately positioned.

HOG oftentimes tore a route terrain, making huge 400 foot rifts and cliffs, where a rolling landscape was supposed to be.

Scaling a map on a basemap is difficult, and you should only expect it to give you a very rough estimate of where to lay tracks.
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"Smooz" also created a lot of terrain only files. Coos Bay Lumber, Seattle to Portland, etc.