Backup Trainz to external HDD


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This has probably been answered before, but it is soooo hard to search and filter the forums; I have an external HDD that I want to save my TS12 routes and sessions to. Do I simply open the file location and copy and paste the "Userdata" folder or do I need to save any thing else? In other words, I have my boxed version of TS12 with the original discs. If my computer crashes (hope I didn't just jinx that!) I just install TS12 on my new PC and then reload the UserData folder from the external HDD. Right??

Userdata will do fine, disks are OK but be aware you may have to redo all the patches I saved all mine.

What I actually do is backup the whole Trainz install using Sync Toy from Microsoft. After the initial copy everything, it only updates what's new changed or deleted.
Then if anything ever goes wrong, reinstall using the disks, which puts the shortcut and file associations in the right places, then just copy the backed up version over it, select overwrite all and that takes care of your userdata and patches and you will be back to the time of the last backup. No need for downloads database repairs or anything else.
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Where do you find all the patches and how do you save them?

Right now, my PC is copying my UserData folder (all 251,300 items; 76GB) onto my external HDD. It has been running for over an hour now and is about halfway done.
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