Backing up downloaded assets?


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I'm just enquiring as to how one would back-up downloaded assets (and ensure that they would be properly 'recognised' afterwards), in preparation for the installation of Service Pack 1 for Trainz 2006.

As I understand, I could simply copy the "Local" folder from my Trainz 2006 installation and paste it back (overwriting any files) to the new installatioon, but delete the assets.tdx file on the old installation and let that just rebuild itself after I run CMP after installing SP1?

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Hi copy and back up the local folder within the main TRS2006 folder.
Then follow exactly the procedure for uninstalling and reinstalling 06 and the SP1 service pack.
Once you have both installed remove the existing local folder and copy in your back up, remove the assets tdx file within the main 06 folder and open the cache folder and remove the assets bku file if you have one.
Now close all open folders and make sure you have put your Id and password in options then open Cmp and leave to let the database update.
At this point do not touch or have any other programs running, go away and do something else, depending on how much content you are putting back the time it will take will vary .
NO DONT TOUCH it may still be updating.