Availability of Colorado Midland rs and locos


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I went a bit crazy this week and added around 15 miles of the Colorado Midland to my latest route , As far as I know there are no locos available apart from an 0-6-0 made by Trainboi, I've downloaded the three or four CM items of rolling stock by fitz500 and I've come up a blank after that, does anyone know of any other C/M items that are out there,either payware or freeware ?
also what would be a suitable ring in locomotive wise to reskin ,the CM had consolidations and 4-6-0s that were mostly pre 1900 , as were the coaching stock , I'm open to suggestions, but a reskin would have to be within my limited expertise range , I can't work with PBR .
the section I'm recreating is from wild horse helper station to Bath ( Hill Top) at the top of trout creek pass where it runs alongside the old DSP&P line, I just could not resist !!!!!
Ah well as I thought, on a hiding to nothing in regards to this one. My fault for modelling obscure and old routes, I think one of trainbois WVRR or CN Baldwin consolidations might do the trick , although reskinning will be an issue and it wont be available on the DLS, I could use Ben Neals 2-8-0h, although its of rather later vintage, I have to try and find a ring in for the 4-6-0-s, . Hopefully the route will be completed in about six months , if there are any other CM fans here pm me and we can have a natter about this fascinating route, I'd like to model Hagermann pass at some date, but is a big ask to do if there not much in the way of rstock available. .
Once upon a time Ben Neal made a NP F1 class 2-8-0 model and then made several reskins including Colorado Midland I believe.