Automatic checking for deleted Assets etc


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Would it be possible for players to decide when they want to check for deleted/faulty assets. It's quite irritating when starting Trainz to sometimes have to wait for the system to automatically check, sometimes for as long as 20 minutes !

Only 20 minutes ... luxury ! Mine normally takes about 3 hours.

You can initiate a manual check at anytime by starting Content Manager, opening the File menu and selecting Quick Database Repair or Extended Database Repair.

This however, will not necessarily stop Trainz from performing this function by itself and whenever it is most inconvenient to you. This can happen if the computer is switched off while the Trainz database is still open. It can take a little while for Trainz to close the database after the program has been terminated.
One way to ensure that the database is closed before you shut the computer down is to configure Trainz to display the open database as an icon or icons on the Windows task bar. To do this ...

  1. Select Options from the Trainz Launcher
  2. Click the Developer tab
  3. Tick Show database process windows

Then whenever Trainz is running one to three additional icons will open up next to the Trainz icon on the task bar. If you click on one of the icons it will open a window that will show the database processes that are currently running - minimise the open window to return it to the task bar, don't close it. When you close Trainz wait for these icons to disappear before you shut down the computer.