AUSTRALIA-NSW: Possible closure of Cowra - Demondrille (affects a heritage railway)


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NOTE: If this closure goes ahead, and my source said it is highly likely TO close maybe as early as December (ie: just before Christmas), then this will affect the running of Lachlan Valley Heritage Railway trains.

Cowra Guardian:

The end of the line for trains
19/11/2008 8:58:00 AM

The final nail in Cowra’s rail coffin could be driven with the possible closure of the last rail line in and out of the town.
Less than two years ago, the Cowra to Blayney line was mothballed and now it appears the Cowra/Koorawatha/Demondrille line will suffer the same fate, as word leaks out of the State government’s mini budget proposed closure of five lines.(1)

A cloud has long hung over the Koorawatha to Greenethorpe line, but the closure of the main line between Cowra and Koorawatha was completely out of the blue, according to local producer, Ian Donges.

He believes closing the lines will immediately smack the producer with at least a $10 to $15 a tonne cost on crop production, to freight it out of the area.

Farms in the area, he estimated, were looking at production levels ranging anywhere from a few hundred to over one thousand tonnes.

“With harvest looming this has caught everyone out,” Mr Donges said.

What’s further stunned many is the very same state government(1) is currently calling for expressions of interest for private enterprises to operate branch line train services.

The invitation from the Ministry of Transport is not due to run out until November 24.

“I simply can’t believe that they are getting rid of all rail services in the area without giving this proposal an opportunity to work, explained rail historian and advocate Lawrance Ryan.

“It absolutely preempts the expressions of interest.”

Cowra Shire mayor Bill West said it was important to remember it wasn’t just shire roads that would be affected if grain freight had no option but road haulage.

“RTA, or State roads will also be affected, which will cost the State government.”

1. My source says that it is ARTC that lease the line (ie: federal govt.), not the state government, as stated above that want the lines closed. My source says that the Xplorer passenger train to Griffith MAY (note may not will) be affected if these other lines will close.
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Is it just a coincidence that i have a curse where everything i get excited about something goes wrong and i can't get/ or go to it. And that ive been wanting to go to Cowra to see 5917 running:eek:
0099, note the word MAY, not WILL.

And if I'm correct D5917 is privately owned - that's what I was told anyway, although it's on the LVR site.

0099 said:
And that ive been wanting to go to Cowra to see 5917 running
Oh & Mr. 0099, why go to Cowra to see 5917, when you can . . . D5917 (what ever you do, don't peek and click on the link, will you now?) :hehe:

EDIT: Comes back at 20:37AEDT Wed 19/11/2008, finishes & corrects post, after being interrupted!
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Oh & Mr. 0099, why go to Cowra to see 5917, when you can . . . D5917 (what ever you do, don't peek and click on the link, will you now?) :hehe:

Yep heard about that and im chasing it but you don't really get many options of photos along that line ( or if you do i don't know of them:) )
Road lobbyists been talking into state governments ear??

Now I know what the dumb anti-rail, pro-road state Labor government meant by “Suspend up to 5 "minor" Country Regional Network services.”

How could freight (repeat that's freight) be considered minor?

PS: Isn't interesting that the same media (Fairfax) is campaigning hard to close a main passenger railway, yet is critical of possible line closures in the country, that don't see passenger trains, except tour trains.
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