Auran newsletter

read the announcement by Auran_Admin. apparently one will be going out very soon :)

John mine showed up at 8:25 this morning. West End Ottawa.:)

I'm on the east side of Ottawa in Orleans so it may well take a day or two longer to travel the extra mile. I'll check the spam traps in a couple of days anyway.

Thanks John
Not received it here yet, just checked my email box to make sure it wasnt diverted by the spam gods of email...:hehe:

Mine turned up this morning, quite interesting to see TC3 is now available fro download but having preordered it I suppose I'll just have to wait a few more weeks for it to turn up.

I wonder if they wait until they have a container load full of orders before they ship to North America?

Cheerio John
Well, I still haven't got mine and this is July 17th.

Maybe Auran doesn't love me any more. :'(

I don't even remember the last time I received a news letter.

Help Desk announcements, yes. News Letter, no.

Oh well.
Not bad John. Took only 22 hours to get all the way across Ottawa. This day of instant communication is amazing, not like when we were young.:) :)
News Letter

Hi John Can you please show us the news Letter..

Not here yet.

Thank you.
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I paid for mine to be airmailed. Maybe they have to wait until the plane is full.:hehe:

It's annoying to now know that instead of preordering it I could have downloaded the thing, got it faster, avoided shipping charges and not have to wait for them to get enough orders to fill the plane up.

If Mike10 had sent it off air mail from the UK when he sent the others off it would normally have arrived by now.

Cheerio John