ATLS directional triggers?


I have developed some quite complicated junctions for a lot of AI traffic using the 'old' ATLS arriving and leaving triggers to avoid conflicts and which work 95% of the time.

I need to get some of the triggers to work in one direction only and wondering if there is a way to do this. (There is no physical room in the problem area to split the track into 'coming' and 'going' sections)

The Directional Trigger by boat is for scripters, which is beyond me but could someone give me simple step by step instructions or suggest another solution?

OK - sorted - I think....still running from overnight with no conflicts.

seem to have it working with a combination of ATLS triggers and arriving and leaving driver ATLS commands.
The directional trigger by boat is a regular trigger not for ATLS so it would not work in this situation.
Not sure what it is you are after as the triggers only send a message for other ATLS assets to pick up. The old arrive and leave triggers must be paired as the arrive trigger sends a signal 1 message while leaving sends a -1 message. The ATLS has all trains as 0 at start of session, it passes an arrive trigger and becomes a 1 train and will remain that until it passes a leaving trigger which puts the train back to 0. Triggers and commands can be combined to make the cycle complete.
Arrive trigger/command must have a leave trigger/command to return the situation to 0
Thanks for the responses. I hadn't realised the directional trigger was nothing to do with ATLS.

Interesting that stagecoach has replied to this one because it gives me the chance to thank him for his Heathrow route, which I have gradually developed into an actual full day's arrivals & departures operation with over 500 AI aircraft.

For the benefit of anyone else with a need to control ATLS triggers in one direction only/reversing on the same track (in my case, an aircraft entering a manoevering or gate area and putting a stop on all other conflicting tracks in the same area, then parking and releasing those other tracks, and then later pushing back through the same gate area with conflicting tracks, then finally releasing again.

My solution, which still seems to be working ok is to pair an old arriving trigger with a leaving command in driver setup for those aircraft that need the clearance through a particular area. A bit of a pain when there are a lot of AI aircraft to set up but once it's done, it's done.

Assuming that no snags appear, the solution is really quite simple once I'd thought about it. Numerous attempts to get round the problem by using separate "in" and "out" tracks became just too complicated, needed more space than was available, and adversely affected AI movement.

Glad you like the Heathrow Airport layout. It was as close to the actual airport that I could get it with what was available on the DLS. I did try and get all the gates in the correct position as per the google earth image. I bet it looks great with all those aircraft coming and going.
Yes, now that the remaining AI control signalling seems resolved, a full day's operation should only require occasional intervention when the AI pilots decide not to do as the're told.

I am beginning to think about uploading my model for anyone that's interested but at the moment haven't a clue how to do it, or whether it would even be feasible to use it on TANE with all the older content that is in the model.