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Hello trainz members,

Having problems with Atari Driver Icon.
The ATARI icon is an internal asset that comes with Trainz 12 Simulator.
Recently downloaded an update for Icon ATARI <kuid2:68787:1441:11> on Wednesday 19th Aug 2015.

A caution warning is now coming up in content manager that a missing asset is required:
Missing dependency <kuid:523:19723444> not on the Trainz DLS ?
This missing kuid asset is related to the icon in some way unknown.

Emailed technical support and the answer to the solution is to:
Delete asset <kuid2:68787:1441:11>
Temporary roll back to <kuid2:68787:1441:10> to fix problem because the ATARI icon is used in many layouts and sessions.

Also for Trainz 12 Simulator users the Driver Icon can be downloaded from the author:

The author informed me that the Atari driver Icon <kuid2:68787:1441:11> is for T ANE users only.
Currently in hand with N3V technical support.

Michael Davies
That's been around for a few weeks or months? now somewhat annoying and I think was reported then as well.
Two options.

1. Delete the update and ignore it.
2. Delete the update, open the original for edit change the version number to match the update, then do not submit but import the editing folder that will install the asset, obsolete the original and stop the update appearing and more importantly work properly. I increased the version to 12 in TS12 actually.

If it was for T:ANE it should have had a T:ANE build number not be showing as build version 2.9 which is in T:ANE as a builtin version 11. Should be 3.9 or higher for T:ANE specific items.
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The problem with this asset is that it is still a build 2.9 asset so TS12 continues to see version 11 as an update.

To clear the update you can download the new version then edit the config.txt file so that the reference to <kuid:523:19723444> is replaced by <kuid:-3:10224> in the mesh table and the kuid table.

Edit - Looks like Malc and I posted at the same time and his method also works.
Oknotsen (Admin moderator), and Trainz members.

With reference to the Atari Driver Icon problem, got a few replies from other members and technical support.
The error had been reported earlier in May 2015 by other users and currently under review.
The author was very helpful and gave good advise how to install the correct kuid for Trainz 12 Simulator as described in the forum topic.
The other method is to update the kuid table as described in the replies to the forum topic.
My copy now working fine showing no problems in content manager.
Decided as a temporary measure to replace the Atari driver icon in my created sessions (uploaded to the DLS) because some trainz users may not know how to fix without technical support.
Thank you kindly.
Michael Davies