Assets disappeared while in Surveyor Mode

Hey guys
Some help required here pls!
OK, have TS2010 to build 49933, Content Manager 3.3
Was in surveyor mode this morning and while editing a route I was working on, all assets just disappeared, or at least seemed to.
So here's what I do know.
Ground texture and terrain remained. I looked over the route and to my surprise found a handful of car splines, but that's all.
Hover, I do notice that every spline end/junction is on the baseboards, but no splines, track objects or scenery objects.
Gets worse, Autosave was off. How why I'm unsure coz I always have had it on. I have a back-up about 2 days old, so I could head back to it.
In CMP & when I edit the route in Explorer, I see all files are intact especially the config.txt, mapfile.gnd, mapfile.obs & mapfile.trk and which seem to be of correct filesize.
I'm not sure what the bmk, lyr of trc filesizes should be but all are 1kB.

Anyone seen this before, is there a similar thread somewhere in forumworld? that could help resolve easily/quickly.

Did you exit and come back in and find the assets?

There are two things that could be happening:

1) You did your editing initially on the Session layer and then this time edited the Route layer.

Edit the Route and go to the layers and merge the Session layer in to the Route layer and see if your assets reappear.

If this is the case, then save and remember to edit the route and not the session going forward.

2) This is the display limiter kicking in.

This can be a bit disconcerting! It is caused by older or badly created content which puts an extra load on your system. In older versions of Trainz, such as TRS2004-TS2009, the program would crash to the desktop. Starting with TS2010 and up, N3V put in a load limiter which will knock out graphics objects to keep the program from crashing. While this is a great idea, it should have an option for user control. So if this is the case, then there's something here that's causing this. In the past I have seen the older billboard trees cause this in TS12 (and TS2010 too), as well as lots of grass splines, and what not. There's an option in the General settings to turn on Show performance statistics. This will give you a ton of numbers. What you are looking for is the worst buffer count.

Outside of a total crash and data corruption, which I doubt the problem is, I think these maybe your problem here.

Hope this helps.
Thanks to Trainz User ID: 124863

Sure I was in Route layer, so can dismiss the 1st suggestion.
As for the 2nd, will investigate further. I did however open an older version of route and it appeared normally with everything intact.


I have returned with "egg on face"
I try not to touch things I know nothing about. And that's saying a lot.
Simply did not see this nor was I aware I could do it.
Route layer was inadvertently "hidden". most likely by fast mouse movement and button clicking.
Now that I know I can do this, I am at a loss why it is included in surveyor. I can see why you
would want to lock a layer, but why hide it.
As for the objects I could still see eg splines mainly, it appears that these objects have no way
of being set to a specific layer by way of the properties setting.

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