Are you a rail photographer??

For us US railfans this is a shot looking towards the back of a SD90MAC:udrool: :mop:


That picture is so beautiful. How lucky.
Spotted at Brough station (included in-game btw) today:


First TPE Class 185 DMU No.185133 with a service to Hull.


Northern Rail Pacer No.144002, again heading to Hull (possibly coming from York but I can't be certain. The Pacers are often used on this service, annoyingly.)


One of those ever-so-common 158 DMUs (158901).


What we were all waiting for! 1961-built Class 52 'Western' diesel-hydraulic No.D1015 'Western Champion' storms through Brough at speed, horns blazing. It was operating a Swindon-Scarborough express.


Close-up of the Western's cab.
Here are some from my collection of bad cell phone photos. All of these pictures were taken on the BNSF Transcon in Kansas.

Expect more as a unearth more and more from various external hard drives, flash drives, phones, computers, cloud storage, and whatever else.
Here are some more, from the dark reaches of iCloud.

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I had a surprise visit to South Yorkshire yesterday, and encountered this fine little specimen:


The locomotive is 'Katie', built in 1954 for the Fairbourne Railway and now operating at the Kirklees Light Railway near Wakefield, where these photos were taken. If you are ever in the area, a visit is definitely recommended- the line is 4 miles long and passes through some wonderful scenery, including a rather long tunnel by narrow gauge standards (of course it is built on what used to be a standard gauge alignment).