Are you a rail photographer??

Surprised @ myself for not posting this here, but I cought the Michiagn Charger test train a while back.

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Yesterday's trip out to the NS Pittsburgh Sub, mostly stayed on the west side of the grade.

2 SD40E's pushing a mixed freight eastbound through Cassandra,PA

4 SD40E's pushing a loaded eastbound coal train through Lilly,PA

Eastbound intermodal through Lilly,PA

4 SD40E's pushing a very long and heavy eastbound coal drag through Cresson,PA counted 130 railcars.

Finished up the day at Summerhill,PA with a helper set going westbound before the 4 hr drive back home in eastern PA.

Overall seen about 20 trains including Amtrak in the 5 hrs I spent out there, was a good day with a nice breeze in the air and very cool temperatures.


~Andrew R.
Thought I would share a coupe I took at work.
11/30/2018 Last train of the 2018 season.

10/28/2018 "Shay Day" photographers special event. Both locomotives were staged for photos prior to beginning the event.

Both images were taken in compliance with safety laws regarding use of electronic devices by train crews. AKA I was off the train and it was stopped when these pictures were taken.
N.B Movie clip rather than photo.

Recent restitution of a functional turntable at Aberdeen in Scotland means that steam workings up the East Coast have at last become a practical possibility again. After several years with no steam at all, there are now seven tours scheduled for 2019, the first of which ran on March 14th.

Headed by Tornado, not a preserved locoomtive, but a brand new A1 Peppercorn pacific built from scratch, The Aberdonian's original planned route was straight up the East Coast Main Line from Edinburgh to Aberdeen and back, taking in two iconic bridges, those over the Forth and the Tay (both available in Trainz. incidentally - you can drive over them in the Edinburgh to Dundee extension of the ECML in TS19). However, a weight restriction on the Tay Bridge necessitated a diversion via Perth, which will probably become the standard route for such tours in future.

With a scheduled stop at our local station in Carnoustie for those who had booked the optional round of golf at the celebrated course - site of last year's championship - I had to venture a bit further along the coastal path to catch the train at a decent speed.

The weather seemed to be trying halfheartedly to emulate the loco's name: it was rough and squally, so I must apologise for the excessive wind noise picked up by the camera, also for the decidedly inexpert panning. Nevertheless, I hope you find it a decentish clip of a wonderful sight.


Southern 630 at Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Where you there on the 2nd or 3rd? I was there on the 2nd, riding the 10:40 and 12:05 Local. I'll be back up there on May 11th as I've got my oldest cousin bringing his 2-year-old son down here to ride behind Thomas the Tank Engine. I'm not buying a ticket for Thomas as I'll be spending time with them and then going and riding the Local, and hopefully get them to ride along with me. In my opinion, the more railfans in the family the better. For those of you who don't know Local is short for the train Southern 630 was being used on the Missionary Ridge Local, also called The Local.
I never thought that a inanimate object could have an identity crisis, however, I might be wrong. BNSF, East Mary Hill, Wishram sub.


New-build Peppercorn Class A1 Pacific Tornado between Carnoustie and Arbroath on the East Coast Main Line north of Dundee on a return excursion from Edinburgh to Aberdeen earlier today.

After a gap of several years with no local main line steam at all, 2019 has seen a revival thanks to the restoration of the turntable at Aberdeen, with several Tornado trips as well as a couple by A4 Union of South Africa. Tornado is already booked for next year, and it's possible that we'll see the A4 again before her retirement, originally scheduled for March this year, but now deferred for a year as her boiler certificate has been extended.

Incidentally, the shot is a frame-grab from a 4K video taken with a Lumix FZ1000.