AP - Made in Alpinetrainz :)


More is here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/WBYd2Q
Probably there was an update to the plugin or the editorial system and it started arguing, so now I set it to not be a requirement.
Hello All,

here is new update for AŽD project ✍️🙂 forum.wikiquik.eu I am gradually trying to finish the model. I performed the last test on the main lights, i.e. departure, arrival and automatic block (AB). More information will follow in the link above or on my main website where the models will be available when completed. But a lot of time is still needed. 🧑‍🎨

Hello Everyone🤗

Here is probably the most complicated job of all the jobs I've done. The traffic light controller is proof that I try to create work with the best graphic design and perhaps simple understanding. Here is a small sample of what the AŽD traffic light controller looks like, still in the development phase, but hopefully we will be there soon. More is here forum.wikiquik.eu/ ✍️