AP - Made in Alpinetrainz :)

Hi, I am just checking, did someone succeed to grab items from Alpinetrainz shop? I was trying to, but to no avail, orders are processed generating invoices with no download links... :-/
Lots of work on the map, I'll show pictures from the track soon, but now I'll show some news that I'm preparing.






You can find more on my profile at artstation.com, some models have already been tested in the game. Others are being prepared. ;) I'm still looking for a programmer to help me complete projects that require scripting.
Thank all, it's a lot of work, but the main complication is the new PBR system and the summation of polygons in the library, which seems absolute nonsense to me. So I will try to continue working.
Hello, no problem ;) Of course it's modified, I asked the developers for clouds and other effects, but without success and no signs of a more realistic game yet in sight.
I have been visiting your website, in which there is very good content.

But there are several sections in the downloads that there is nothing to download, I have made a list of the downloads that do not work:

AP-Grund texture with snow effect

AP-HD highway package

AP- highway package

HR signs B-km/h

AP- Textures European moountains

Bus stop package

Austrian traffic signs - Technical Package 1

TP crane package

Croatia Road Signs Package

Mountains ground package 5

FR- Rooad Signs package v.1

71 ground package 2

Washington ground package 1

Slovenian railway speed indications

LA building 1

Honk Kong light for ts12

Evropské znacení trs2006

Zeleznicni osvetleni Brno

AT package road signs

Also the download:  NYC-full-package
It is impossible to download, it is interrupted in the middle of the download and you have to start over, in an endless loop.

Another 36 downloads carried out without problems.
Hello, thanks for answering.

I enter the download area, there are 4 pages with downloads:
Visiting each download (there are 56 downloads in total) 34-36 of them downloaded without problems,
In 21 of those downloads when entering there is no download button (it has the list that I put) and in the NYC-full-package download when it reaches halfway download, it is interrupted due to a network error and whenever it starts again it returns to interrupt

This is simply informative, for your knowledge.

In three previous visits to your page, at the beginning of the year and last year, something similar happened to me.

After more than 10 attempts, the NYC-full-package was finally downloaded, perhaps because it is very large 473MB.
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OK, I recommend using the Store, there are also models to download when you complete your purchase. There are problems on the Download page and I am gradually deleting them (unfortunately, there is not so much time). Please use the Store page to download the model