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i want to knw the name of tree spline in the following pic as they really look nice in winter
i do have them in past but after losing my previous hdd i lost them and dont have them any longer
so if anyone know their name and where i can find i willl be really thankful to you
Those are Billboards. I would imagine JVC, not many people have done Tree Splines. As to which one specifically, anyones guess is as good as mine....

Edited to add:
The Ad Site thats attached to your site like a leech is really annoying. It wants me to click on things I won't click on ("Free upgrade to Java, Upgrade Now!"), which means I usually have to close the window and start over. And it pops up on EVERY link I click on your site.... Sometimes it'll let me get to your creations, usually it won't. You might have more interest in your stuff if you removed this add site..... Once I'm done with your site I'll personally be adding it to a Site Blocker I have, which will probably mean I won't be able to access most of your site anymore....

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Yup, Final clincher was this for that Ad Site:
Being on a blog, I have to believe you can remove that site.
[h=1]Infection blocked[/h] URLhxxp:// InfectionURL:Mal

Yup they're JVC's. If you are interested in others, check out those by dmdrake (Dave Drake).

I apologize if you took it harshly. My only intent by posting it was so I (and anyone else interested) Could get at your site. You look like you've made some decent buildings, and its frustrating to a user to have to fight with an ad site (Doubly so once the Anti-Virus pops up), to get at ones work. Further, on the net, one tends to make contact in whatever way one reliably can, or risk contact never being made.....

Thank you for removing it. When I get the chance, I'll have a closer look at your work, it looks good at first glance.

Edit: you removed the link to your site? Thats a pity. Thought you meant you removed the Ad site off your Blog.... My issue had nothing to do with you linking your site in your sig, but the ad site that seems to be attached to your blog?

Might be worth an email to the webmaster's of I have little experience with them personally, but they should be able to help you if even just a little. Push comes to shove, it might be worth moving to another Host/Blog Domain.

Good Luck,