Ancient Tram Stop asset not working


I was wondering whether any of you could help me with this. What is needed to make the Tram Station ("Station unsichtbar", kuid2:200726:28030:1) work?

It's on the Strassenbahn Steinthal tram city layout (kuid2:331042:100003:1) which I managed to get running in TS2019. Ignoring the stations, AI-controlled trams drive straight past the platforms without stopping and exchanging passengers. I suspect that a Rule or a script is missing. The config file of the station lists a script simply called "station" but I have not been able to find that on the DLS nor anywhere else.

I'm aware that it's an ancient asset, being of build 2.2, but I'm still asking, on the offchance that someone has a solution.

Of course I could manually replace all stations, but there are at least 30 of them...
Thank you for your fast reply, @stagecoach!

I increased the radius from 2 to 5, then tried going up to 10, but the [AI] trams still don't stop at the stations, unfortunately.

And I must add a vital bit of information which I forgot to mention, sorry: a manually driven tram which I stop at the station will unload and load passengers without fail. It's just that the AI trams don't stop.
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One thing I have done in cases like this is add the "halt" command right after the station. This should stop the train and allow the rest of the commands to operate correctly.