AMTZ: A Rebranding. Part 1: Introduction


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Around the beginning of the new year, Amtrak Trainz Group will be re-hauling it's self, we will be changing practically everything from our website, logo, even name. But don't worry, we won't be removing any content and there will be no major change in staff. The change will be mostly cosmetic.

So why the change?
After operating for a few years as Amtrak Trainz Group, I've noticed that we are starting to broaden our horizons and are now hosting much more then just Amtrak stuff on our website & in our group. So with a website re-design I've been working on I decided it was a good time to change the name, and with a name change comes a logo change.

After some deliberation the name "American Trainz Group" was picked. There were a handful of reasons for picking this name:
  • Most of our group is based in the US, and models US content, we do have a few pieces of international content, but it's mainly US.
  • We needed something broader termed then "Amtrak"
  • Simplicity of introducing the new brand. In day-to-day talk we're usually referred to as "AMTZ" this abbreviation still works, and the Change from "Amtrak Trainz Group" to "American Trainz Group" is only one word.

So without further ado;

Over the next month I will be posting blogs here talking about the new AMTZ; some of the thought process behind it and some of the features we're introducing.
Part 2 will be posted during the next week & will outline the process of finding the new logo.
Part 3 will discuss the design of the new website.
Part 4 will be about the forum changes
Part 5 should be the unveiling of the new AMTZ.
Will this mean that Trainz content with AMTZ schemes will be redone to a new scheme to represent American Trainz Group or no?
There's only one item that's in an Amtrak Trainz Group paint scheme, the current plan is not to re-do it into American Trainz Group. I do however have an idea or two for some other content I'd do in American Trainz. But that's all back-burner stuff for now, I have to get the website finished first.
Notice of change. Blogs 3 & 4 were combined. There will still be a new one next week, I'm just not sure what on yet (I have a few ideas, just have to pick one)