Am I missing something, or do y'all have great eyes in Surveyor mode?

...As far as changing the existing in game display is concerned I would say get rid of the preview frame in Surveyor altogether since it it is obsoleted by the new facilities in TANE.

Chris M
The preview frame is also the primary means by which one would insert Quickdrive and Test Track assets, so I would not expect this functionality to be obsoleted. However, I would be all for an option in the "Settings" that would allow a user to remove this palette altogether.

I would expect, on the other hand, that new users are going straight to the palette to both preview and enter assets into Surveyor, as the Users Manual instructs them to do. CM will be quite intimidating to many users, and having to use this functionality, as useful as it might be to the initiated, could be discouraging to the new users. Unless they are accustomed to searching and filtering databases, they are going to face quite a learning curve.

I certainly believe that the discussion taking place is great, and I appreciate all of this input. I also think that there could be some significant improvement in this functionality without considering it obsolete.

What about the ability to undock this palette? This way you could move it where you want. What about allowing the palette to be set to hold only the assets you place there, dragged over from the CM; or the assets within the route/session plus the other ones you add? Then you could assemble just the assets that you want for your route, along with the assets already in the route.
While the documentation and instructions could always be improved, just because there is a learning curve is no reason to dumb things down.

The pick list is already a step towards creating a personal selection. Basic filtering is available in Surveyor to isolate the objects you want to select. Use CM for more extensive filtering. With over 300,000 potential objects, learning to filter is just part of the game if you want to build your own routes.
Can't please all of the People all of the time unfortunately.

Current format is what everyone is used to, change it and there will probably be another riot on here. :hehe:
Maybe this thread would be better moved into the 'Suggestions Boxcar' as there are some useful ideas brewing here, would be a shame to loose them.

Chris M