How in the world do I move around the route in surveyor mode (I'm in TANE)


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So, I need help, how do I move around the route in surveyor mode in TANE, I am not even sure if you can, but if you can, please tell me, any and all info are welcome.

(EDIT: I figured out how to move around in surveyor
For Mac users such as myself, You have to press control and right click at the same time, then just click wherever you want to go, that's it, thanks to those who showed me how, particular thanks to Forester1, You helped me a lot.)
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You can hold the right mouse button down and fly around the route. You can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to adjust your viewing angle as well. If you zoom out, you can instantly go to somewhere else on the route by clicking on a different part of the route and zooming in.
You should also check out the Settings (in Surveyor) and under Interface Settings, choose the movement style of the compass and camera that most suits you. The mouse and keyboard each have 2 different actions to choose from.