All the routes I want are.... Outdated?!?!?


GMD C44-9W
Hi users of the forum. I am a Greater Toronto Area modeller and railfan, I have noticed there are a few routes based on places I have been to and railfanned at, (Example. Toronto Lakeshore West by Neil Smith and Brampton unfinished by Gisa, it would be funny if he finds this thread!) which are fine routes, but are EXTREMELY outdated! The lakeshore one still has all searchlight signals and single track from port credit to Oakville and the splines and objects and the Brampton one has single track from queen street - Kennedy road searchlight signalling and the same old assets, but believe me, when they were made the routes were up to date due to them being routes for TS2006/TS2004, yet again, AWESOME routes but outdated trackage and assets. But all the "up to date" routes with up to date spines, textures and objects are all Midwest Norfolk Southern routes!!! is there any routes based around southern Ontario or anything CN/CP or anything good for commuter rail that is up to date? can be fictional or real.

Thank you for reading this