AI slowing at stations


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I have noticed that AI trains choose to slow down at passenger stations. I know there was a thread back in December 2023 on this, but it seemed to have no resolution.

So I decided to set up a test. I created a single straight 12 mile length of track, with stations at each approximate mile. Track marks and signals at the 1/2 mile. This gives 1/2 mile from TM to the station. The speed was set at 70mph. Locomotives had 1 mile before the first station. I only tested single-track versions. Each of the stations tested reacted the same way. The locomotive would reach almost full speed, then drop to 11 mph before the station, speeding up to 20 mph at the station, then resuming full speed.

Locomotives used in the test included a GP 40-2w, GP 38-2, and an SD70.

Stations included:
SAP Passenger_Station 2_1t, also 3,5, and 6
DES Amtrak One, Five, Six, 3,11,13

I didn't test stations that weren't active, so I can't tell if they are the same. I only used the above stations in the test. Is there something in the script of the station that causes this? Does it have to do with being industry-active? Is this a bug? This problem (?) has become my nemesis, my Moby Dick if you will. "Call me Ishmael." (Reference is to Herman Melville's novel, "Moby Dick."
I have been working on a 'work-around' on this issue with various levels of success. What I have done is:

1) Insert track spline points before and after the platform.
2) Attach an invisible track to the 2 spline points laying it directly over the station platform.
3) Use invisible junctions on the 'entry' and 'exit' of the invisible track.
4) Insert a Trackmark on the invisible track and name it 'Platform x By-pass' or something similar.
5) Instruct the 'stopping' train to 'Drive to' the Station Platform (using the station track) OR instruct the AI 'non Stopping' train to Drive Via the 'Platform x By-pass' (using the invisible track).
6) As a help for the junctions add a Junction Control Box to operate the invisible junctions on the 'entry' and 'exit' of the invisible track section in unison. This is optional.
7) Any signals at the end of the platform need to be placed beyond the invisible section exit junction to ensure that your blocks are not compromised.

As stated by the OP It appears that all stations have a 'trigger (?)' on the advance to it that alerts that AI train to the station approach and slows it accordingly. You therefore have to place the 'entry' to the invisible section before the station 'trigger' so that the non stopping train is not affected by it.

Where that 'trigger' is and the range on the approach to the station is (at what point before the station does the trigger
'fire') on the multitude of invisible stations available to us is, I think, the cause of the 'various levels of success'.

An alternative method is to place a Trackmark on the station platform track instructing the AI train to 'Drive To' and 'Halt'. Some invisible platforms, from Scottish for example, will load a train that has stopped on the platform. I have noted when starting a session with a train already on the platform, it will go through the process of loading before committing to other instructions, (Drive to etc..). I have not experimented with all invisible stations in this respect.

I shall try repeat the test done by the OP and see what happens.

I am using TS19 Build 117009.
This has been going on for as long as I can remember. I use AJS invisible stations and the problem is the same. It makes me think this is a feature, not a bug. Maybe in some countries, this is a requirement when freight trains pass through passenger stations on tracks adjacent to platforms?
This has been going on for as long as I can remember. I use AJS invisible stations and the problem is the same. It makes me think this is a feature, not a bug. Maybe in some countries, this is a requirement when freight trains pass through passenger stations on tracks adjacent to platforms?
I remember seeing this in TRS2004. I wonder if that's the case. What I don't like is station suction that stops a freight dead to load passengers if the freight is going to slow.
The test as explained by the OP, that I planned to copy, does not seem necessary now.

I laid out 3 baseboards with a station centrally placed on the middle one. I connected a piece of track to both ends of the station to the outer ends of the baseboards and attached the Basic Portal Short. Working from one portal to the other trains were instructed to depart at 2 min intervals, in order, 4 car 156, Class 47 + 5 VDA vans, 2 car 156.

The BR 156 was configured as a 4 car (DMS + DMSL + DMS + DMSL) and another as a 2 car (DMS + DMSL). The 4 car was instructed to stop at the station and load which it did.

The Class 47 and 5 x VDA Railfreight vans and the 2 car 156 consist were instructed not to stop but to continue to a portal some distance away. Neither slowed nor stopped at the station, maintaining line speed (40mph) all the time passing through the station.

Using <kuid:359841:101576> DMT Invisible Station 50m by Scottish and rolling stock and trains :
<kuid2:116035:156304:1> BR 156 [DMS] Regional Railways Sprinter (Final)
<kuid2:116035:156303:1> BR 156 [DMSL] Regional Railways Sprinter (Final)
<kuid2:179051:102361:2> BR Railfreight Distribution Class 47306
<kuid:45317:108071> BR VDA Railfreight van weathered

It would appear therefore that whatever the cause of slowing trains NOT stopping at the station has been solved or negated by Scottish.

A word of warning though, should a train passing through the station not instructed to stop but stops for other reasons (signals etc.) it will load and unload if a passenger vehicle. This can be used to advantage by instructing a passenger train to 'Drive to Trackmark' at a station and it will approach the station at a suitable line speed before slowing and stopping for the track mark, however the doors do not appear to work, remaining closed during this process.

There are instructions with the Scottish stations (select the question mark in Surveyor and click on the station) and he gives suitable instructions. He does give a warning that the passenger vehicle must be facing in the direction of travel for the doors to function though I did not find this to be so for the 156 DMS/DMSL, the rear one of the 2 car set must be reversed.


I would also check signals ahead of the station but not too close to the platforms. I find about 20 or 30 meters appears to work okay. If the signal ahead is green, the AI will move through the station at speed.