Adjusting headlight/ditchlight settings on older locos



There are two modifications I'm wanting to make to headlight/ditchlight settings on some older JR locomotives, actually some of the first released if I recall. (The INRD GP38-2's and SD60's). I would like to set them so that dimming the headlight turns off the ditchlights (during switching), and also set them up to have DPU lighting. I've compared config files, but can't seem to find the specific entries that control these factors. Is it possible to retrofit older locomotives with these features?

Older locomotives use an older version of the JR script. As far as my own tinkering has been able to tell, trying to upgrade them to the current scripts simply breaks the locomotive. In the older script version I believe that the bell key activated the ditch lights, so if you want them off during switching, simply don't have the bell on (or change your bell hotkey). I am fairly certain that these locomotive can't really be upgraded on our end, although I think JR could verify whether or not that is true.