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Any industry uses the waybill-system. This is a trainz-internal list of products any industry needs to fullfill its production-chain. This list is usable by a script (?1). So other assets could know about what is needed and where to deliver it.

Suiting industries deliver to its CIND the products, appending to the products soup the destination and the delivery-timeframe. The CIND packs the several products with their delivery-informations into container and appends to it a destination and the minimal delivery-timeframe over all containing products.

The destination may be
  • an IND, what causes that all products in the container have the same destination,
  • a CIND, what causes that all products have a destination that is one of the to the destination-CIND connected industries,
  • a CTE, what causes that the products have mixed destinations.
The CIND knwos about all his appended INDs in its soup. An IND may attached to more than one CIND and knows about it in his soup.

The "mixed" containers could start a roundtript over CTEs, which unload their fitting products until the container is empty. Other products will be repacked at the CTE.

The CTS organises the transportations between the CTEs. Empty containers will be firstly reused or stored at CINDs. If excess capacity the CIND sends a massege that will be recognised by the CTEs and any suiting CTE will offer a waybill to it.

The CTS knwos about all his appended CINDs in its soup. The CIND may attached to more than one CTE and knows about them in his soup.

The container will be full either if the volume is arraived (nearly counted like wood-volumes with airgaps) or if the weight is arrived. There for it will be necessary additionally to the wheight oft he unit to declare the volume or with more sense for me the (bulk-)density, because it will be found in various tables of physical and technical data.

To integrate it in trainz it seems to be usefull to expand the queue-class with this feature (?2).
June 18, 2023 – Things yet to glean:
(?1) The waybill-system-table is usable (readable, or indeedupdatable) by scripts? One informations source may be the script​
(?2) If and how this is possible, for me yet isn't clear. This should be explored and explained some time later.​