A Very Special Request From My Fellow Trainzers In The U.S.A.


Fellow Trainzer
Hi All, This is I think the most unusual request I have ever ask my fellow trainzers. I have a young fellow who is 14 yrs. old and has two big tumors that is growing on his Head, one on his temple, and one on the back his neck, and growing a little every day.
Now you all know that are wonderful politicians has promise that every child will be coverd by the Obama Health Plan. Well somebody messed up as always, and missed one.
The plan I have thought up was to bombard every Obama web site,with a letter exlpaining the issue that is keeping this young man from getting his treatment. And since this election time, These guys won't pass up a opertunity for good PR to take advantage of. So if anyone can take a few minutes and type out a letter to the powers to be, and see that jeremiah will get the treatment that he needs. I thank you and bless you all. - Robert - :wave:
-----------I have recieved word that St. Jude Hospital will start the treatment stage this friday, thank you all.
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Have you looked into coverage under SCHIP, or a hospital charity-care? Not sure if that latter even exist anymore, but they might.
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