A common database for TMR17 & TANE - is it possible?

I am currently experimenting with several model layouts but am finding a lot of the content I am used to using in T-ANE has to be downloaded from the DLS.
It would be useful if I could combine my T-ANE database with my TMR17 database. Is this possible - I would appreciate any guidance before I make too much of a mess of my present installations.
Not at this stage -=- but you do not need to down load each item again - just export from TANE as a CDP and then important this to TMR2017
So what would you advice then - I have been exporting from TANE each asset I want as a individual CDP and then Importing it to TMR with out any issue at all QUOTE=shaneturner12;1565671]I wouldn't advise merging like that - the local data folder stores more than just content.

That method is fine - what I wouldn't advise is using the same folder for both installations.


I'd agree. Using the same userdata folder is asking for trouble and especially if one gets a fixpack/service pack. Exporting/importing CDPs is safe. I did that a lot for the alpha/beta versions of TANE.
If you use the cdp method and combine them which you can by multiple selecting, don't make the cdp too large or you may get problems, I personally wouldn't go above 500MB.

The other method which works and is a bit quicker is open the items for edit that you need to import in TANE1 and import the editing folder in TANE2 or in this case TMR17. Obviously don't do this with builtins or Payware only with DLS installed or locally modified.

For info: Not a recommended method but works on a clean install before adding anything or editing or saving anything on a new copy of TANE, you can just copy the local and original folders and replace those in the new TANE, then run a database repair. Do not do this if you have added anything or run New copy of TANE or TMR17, as some of the hash folders will have the same names but different content and you will end up with a mess.
I do this all the time with various versions TrainzDev and Beta for example.

To play safe best to stick to either the import editing folder or import cdp, both of which are pretty foolproof.
If you have TMR17 you can download it as a DLC for TANE free but only after TANE SP2 is out and the DLC pack is out.