A bit sad

I can say that being a gimmi pig is not what the Trainz forums people like, and I know this as I tryed it once before I even took time to learn Blender. It helps to try, and if you succeed, great job, and if not, just try again. If you never try, then you never get far.
I've often wondered why we don't have a "Wish List" section of the forums for requests for models. Given that the forum structure is an "off the shelf" model, a special area, open to all, may not be possible but perhaps a blog may work.

Lets say each request would be a new blog page that would identify the requester, the asset required, when required, and information (i.e. web links) that would assist the request.

Prospective creators could then indicate their interest and possible time scale for delivery.

Those who know of an asset that meets, or mostly meets, the requirement could respond with that information.

The blog pages, as I understand them, are initiated by the owner of the blog but anyone can respond. Perhaps N3V can make an "open" blog so that any registered Trainz owner can initiate a page.

Alternatively, you could just have a gimme pig thread and recognise it as such. :D (vtic)

My preference is to assist those who would like to make their own models, but lack the skills and are willing to learn.

I've read this thread with interest, and have even started a couple of previous replies, which I decided to abandon before sending. But I've come up with two suggestions, either of which I think might resolve this issue in a really suitable and appropriate way. One is based upon the assumption that there will be changes to the forums around the time of the release of T:ANE, at minimum a T:ANE forum, and perhaps a new theme, and ....? But I would suggest that when the forums are revised, besides the currently anticipated changes, in addition a new subforum should be created for content requests, much like the forum for screenshots. I would further suggest that this should be a "gimme-pig free zone". If possible, positive polling should be enabled for this forum only, so that if one Trainzer lists a request, other members of the community could use the polling mechanism to add their support. Negative polling should not be allowed. No posted request to this forum for any piece of content, however rudely or inconsiderately composed might be, will be earn the poster the label of "gimme pig".

The other suggestion is to create a "content creation: requested content" page on the WIKI, with substantially the same parameters as above.

And a third possibility is to have a forum, AND a wiki page, and periodically move requests from the forum to the WIKI.

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