2006 data transfer error??


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I have an auran folder with my old content on it in my new computer. I
imported it and committed it but it still sayes no map selected when I try to access it. Cars and lolcos also don't show up. What else do I need to do? Thanks. Robert Graves AKA rrbobby.
How did you import it? If it is the local folder that you have backed up, then you need to copy it over the old local folder and delete assets.tdx, then open trainz and let it rebuild the assets database.
ATT capt. Colons re: content transfer.

Using CMP I selected all of the trainz folder on my backup drive from my old computer. This brought in all my data in CMP "installed". I selected an
item and committed it. But when running trs06 the item's name shows up
but w/o a picture and it will not be placed on the route. That's the problem. What is wrong? What do I need to do? Thanks ,Robert Graves.:(
Captain Colon? That's a new one!:hehe:

You are using TRS2006 and the folder you backed up is called "local", right?

If so, then the next question: Have you downloaded/created any new content?

If no, then follow the steps at the bottom of the post.

If yes, then follow the first set of steps:

1. Open the local folder that you have backed up and go into it. Leave this open. (window 1)

2. In a new window, go to (default location) C:\Program Files\Auran\TRS2006. There should also be a file called local there. Go into that folder. (window 2)

3. Go back to window 1, hold CTRL + press A. This should select all items. Then hold CTRL + press C to copy them. Close this window

4. Now go to window 2, and hold CTRL + press V to paste them.

5. Once the computer has finished copying, exit the local folder and in the TRS2006 folder you should find a file called assets.tdx. Delete this.

6. Open trainz and let it sit and rebuild the file. To monitor this, hold CTRL + ALT + press Delete to open the task manager. Go to the processes tab, and scroll through the list for EITHER launcher.exe or trainz.exe. Watch the number in the very right hand column. If this is going up, and the number in the middle column is less than 100%, then it is working. If the number in the middle column is 100%, then kill the task by clicking on the end process button at the bottom of the window. Then delete assets.tdx and try again.

If you have downloaded no new content:
1. Go to (default location) C:\Program files\Auran\TRS2006, find the local folder, and delete it. Also delete assets.tdx.

2. Copy in your backup folder.

3. Follow steps 5 and 6 above.

Hope this helps!