2006 add ons


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can anyone tell me how to load the Trains Routes Vol 1 in to 2006 this is a genuine add on to 2006 but when loaded does not show in surveyor any help appreciated as support do not help on anything before 10 or 12 -bertieboy thanks

I think I can help you. Your run-on sentence is somewhat confusing...


There's a possibility that your routes are open for edit so therefore they won't load up in Surveyor, or Trainz its self for that matter. Open up CMP and check for open for edit assets, commit any that are open and see if that helps.

Outside that, try a database repair. For TRS206 you need to delete the assets.tdx. Shutdown TRS2006 if it's open, delete the file, which is located in the director where TRS2006 is installed. You can then restart TRS2006 and let it rebuild the database. This can take some time, depending upon how much data you have.

If the route has been updated beyond your TRS2006 trainz-build numeral (2.5 or 2.6) to trainz-build 2.7 or higher ... a route any higher than TRS2006 can not be backdated, as the 5-10m grid is radically different than TRS006 ... check the config file trainz-build line tag to make sure it is indeed for TRS2006