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Thread: How to Import Content from TRS2006 to TS2009

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    Question How to Import Content from TRS2006 to TS2009

    How should I import my TRS2006 local folder to TS2009?

    I've got the to games on a seperate partition of 100GB each. My local folder in TRS2006 is about 65GB to 70GB big and contains a lot of blood, sweat and tears of correcting and fixing content. I would hate to have to do all that work again in TS2009. So is there a way to get my content from one folder to the next? Do I have to do something with CM2, for example importing content by using the "import content" from the menu and selecting the local folder from TRS2006?

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    Ron Overdijk

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    Just now I would suggest that you wait!

    There's a hint that the second Beta is due out soon, and in any case, the 30 day Beta licence will expire at the end of November.
    There's no guarantee as to what happens with "gold"version - though I would not expect much difference.

    I'd suggest that the safe way is to create archives of your routes (using CMP) - perhaps one for each, and burn them onto a DVD

    At present, the process is to select the items on 2006, "open for edit", close CMP. Open 2009 CMP-2, use explorer to find the 2006 "open for edit folder" and drag &drop this folder onto the CMP-2 window.

    This does work (for me), but it is slow, and there are reports of errors in the process (possible due to quantity of assets - and the fact it's only a beta!)

    Remember also, that it's a one-way process - 2009 assets will not automatically unstall in 2009.
    My experience is that 2006 asstes will work in 2009, so unless you are desperate to update your creations to 2009, wait a week or two,



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    THX for the heads up, I already thought to see preperations for the Beta-2 version on the Betadownloadside, but it`s gone due to problems with security issues (according to the Trainzdev forum). I also preordered the TS2009, so I was already wondering whether or not to already start importing files to the Beta-1. For now I'll just wait and see and only import a few items to the Beta-1, in order to test the program. I definitly hope they will include a function in the final version of CM2, which enables us to import all your content from TRS2006 with the touch of (preferably) one button.

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    Since the Beta copy and TRS2006 are two distinct programs, I simply imported my content from TRS2006. The import process to a very long timebut it worked fine. The commit process probably took just as long.

    Remember there are still bugs with the content that can't be fixed yet due to the two different versions. A good exmple is some scripts don't work and neither do repaints done with PaintShed because the Aliases don't work yet.

    Other than this, my person route, which I've worked on since I purchased Trainz 2004 back in the beginning of 2004, loaded fine and runs very smoothly under TRS2009.


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    Except for testing and verifying your content, why bother importing ALL your assets into TS2009? You'll just have to do it all again until the WBE is released.

    I only bring in a selected subset to test.

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