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Thread: Transdem DEM Resolution

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    Default Transdem DEM Resolution

    So over the past year or so I've been going through the Transdem learning process, and feel I have a fairly good basic understanding on how to create routes with it. However, one thing I am unsure on is in regards to DEM resolution. From my understanding, Trainz itself and thus exporting from Transdem maxes out at 5 meter resolution. So for those with more knowledge and experience than I, my question is this... most of the areas I want to work with have 1/9 Arc Second (3m) resolution available, but some areas have 1m resolution available as well. With Trainz only going to 5m, would the end result of using either 1/9 Arc Second or 1m DEM yield the exact same results, or would there be any difference in the final product?

    Thank you

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    Hi Justin,

    Given my experience, the 1/9 AS will suffice since that's closest to the 5 meter grid resolution in Trainz. I don't think it's worth the extra disk space for the higher resolution unless it's actually necessary.

    The one who can really give you some insight and information on this is Geophil, aka Dr. Roland Ziegler who wrote the program.
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