TransDEM issue


For some reason, essential UTM tiles are obscured by very low resolution imagery in TRS19, despite myself sourcing it from two different servers through TransDEM, and exporting endless times.


The entire area is very clear in TransDEM.

I have tried 2D tiles, 3D tiles, all resolutions, exporting with .jpg instead of .tga. The LOD threshold at 50%. It's so frustrating. Because I wanted to start placing some track days ago.
Hello SAR704,

Is this the first time that you have those obscured UTM-tiles of the chosing area?
Did you do a test with a different area?

What are the settings ( zoom, scale, map size) within Map Tile servers?

Kind regards

Kurt :)
Even with multiple map providers, the result is still blurriness.

This is what I have enabled:

ESRI Orthophoto

Zoom/height level is set at 16. Width and height: 2048 pixels.

Global scale factor: 10000

Scale approximately 1 in 20000

Overlap: 25%

Max rel point: 45%

Set to map images along path

Max texture size set to 4096, LOD threshold 50%

500M UTM, 0 cm above ground

Layer name: TransDEM UTM

Route filter: True

CM above ground: 0

LOD threshold: 50%

Draw grid: False

Radius: 4 tiles.

Use JPG instead of TGA textures: True

Allow 5M raster width for mesh: True

I think it is the first occasion I've noticed random low res tiles amongst decent res ones. I am also interested to know what the absolute best settings are for quality imagery through UTMs. I didn't even know that UTMs were used as overlays initially. I thought they were part of standard DEM generation. Not a single person ever told me otherwise.
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Hello SAR704,

I did a quick test with the area I use, to see if there were any issues with the settings I useally use.

No issues in my testcase.

My settings are :

Provider : 1 MS Virtual Earth
Tile type : combined
Map size : 1536 pixels
Scale : approx 1:30000
zoom level 15
zoom max 15
mode overlap 25%
max rel point Dist 45%

Give the above settings a try.

Kind regards,

Kurt :)
Hello SAR704,

I did a quick test with the area I use.

Thanks for the mention. I tried these exact settings, except for the Scale approx 1:30000, which I couldn't find a way to apply. The imagery looks more consistent, and clearer. But unfortunately, it's still not at a high enough resolution to be practical for me to lay track on. So will need to try a higher zoom level. Will it behave this time...?
Hello SAR704,

Within Map tile servers - scale settings - when you increase or decrease the zoom level the approx 1 : number should also change automatically.

When your zoom max settings is set at 15 and you put within the scale box the zoom level at 15 - what number do you get in
the approx 1: box ?

Kind regards

Kurt :)
Extracted from another forum: And now they're randomised. Might be ideal for Uno or something. But not so much as a UTM overlay. I admittedly did add a suffix to the TRS19 content folder, due to export issues.

Have removed almost everything from the 'editing' folder, except for content which Windows didn't 'agree' with deleting.

I exported the route from TransDEM , with new UTM tiles. But I was left trying to sort this out for many hours with no success.

It makes me wonder if I've somehow doubled up the UTM tiles or not. Do any possible fixes exist for this issue?
Hello SAR704,

Within the Transdem Trainz edition instruction manuel - ( I suppose, you have release 2.6.5 )

Did you try Part 3 - the tutorials section ( page 58 - 69 ) Tutorial 1 - part 1 to part 5 step by step?

What result did you get?

Kind regards

Kurt :)
Following your post, I have read the manual, and followed the instructions. I also figured out that I keep resetting the Object KUID parameters in TransDEM. Not sure what this actual does. But it relates to the program supposedly not being able to find a unique KUID on previous occasions.

Now having removed the previous UTMs in the editing folder, and reexporting them does nothing. I just notice a lovely blank environment with no UTMs visible at all. I've been trying for a week to get them to reappear, albeit with wider coverage. They appeared a week and a bit ago. But only covered about 400 metres of the right of way from left to right. I found this to be inadequate. And now I feel like I've wrecked the attempt at a project.

I tend to get frequently sidetracked by other options. So if something takes too long to get underway, then I'll tend to ditch it and attempt something else which actually does behave.

I reckon I've exported UTMs about 100 times for this attempt at a route. Only so many times I can do. I recall someone saying you need a computer degree to use Railworks/'TS'. It feels like it's the reality with this game. It's taken me 5 months to figure out what I have so far, and I have not made any progress at all with a project or two I have in mind.
Hello SAR704,

Did you successfully compleet tutorial 1 ( part 1 to part 5 ) - page 58 to 69 of the Transdem Trainz edition instruction manuel?

Kind regards

Kurt :)