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Thread: performance : shader quality setting

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    Default performance : shader quality setting

    just for understanding the basic principals :
    ... normally i have my shader settings on ultra ...
    in the presentation of the fresh updated to trs19 route "coal country" (jointedrail version) it was adviced to set the shaders on standard ...

    shader = ultra shader = standard

    after discovering the magnificent route i went back to my own wip and noticed that my fine layed dirt track was not so fine anymore ... so i set the shader back to ultra ... et voilà ...

    shader = standard

    shader = ultra

    ... so, the finally released play-setting depends in which settings you have create your route ?
    with other words : "coal country" is created with shader quality : standard ... and therefore playable performance with shader setting on standard ...
    ... so, if a route is created in ultra shader quality, will the performance of the released asset be less if you cannot get higher than standard ?


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    This has to do with the higher-settings enabling the Parallax in the textures, which causes the ground to sink or go over the track and roads.

    If this didn't occur before, but happens now with the same settings, it means that the original textures were updated to the PBR-type causing what worked fine before to break now. It would be nice if a content creator is updating textures to the new kind they could come out with a new KUID rather than obsolete what's already released since that breaks routes.

    I know this is probably not something to complain about, but I would think given the implications of what occurs with the textures being updated like this, this should be taken into consideration.
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    It would be nice if all PBR (parallax) texture names started with PBR to differentiate them from previous textures of the same name.
    And yes, don't reuse the same kuid!

    When using PBR textures NEVER mix PBR and non-PBR near a rail line or where TurfFX will be used. You will get strange render effects.
    You will also get strange fx in those areas if the scaling of adjacent PBR textures don't match.

    And as previously mentioned be aware that some PBR textures have a significant vertical element induced. Using these below a road or track can result in portions of the texture protruding through the road surface as was the case withe the OPs last image. Using less aggressive PBR textures in those places will cure this isse.

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    Horace, the easy way is to produce a pick list in CM with all of the build 4.6 textures. There are about 600 to choose from.

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