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Thread: Is there such animal as 'Drive to SIGNAL' command for Trainz?

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    Question Is there such animal as 'Drive to SIGNAL' command for Trainz?

    I have an issue. I'm adding driveable semi trucks to my model Trainz layout. There are intersections, invisible RR junctions in actuality, some with stop signs as well. Invisible signals keep truck traffic from colliding at intersections. Trigger Multiple Signals Rule keeps trucks from colliding where the tracks do not actually form a junction but merely cross over or the two different truck routes on a narrow road overlap. The truck routes are formed by invisible track embedded in bare ground or in YARD road content.

    At stop signs, my rule is the trucks (locos) have to stop there for 5 seconds whether there's cross traffic or not before proceeding.

    The trucks also have to hold at certain intersections for cross traffic. At some intersections as T's, the traffic over the hat (main thoroughfare) of the T has priority and trucks approaching the intersection from the stem of the T (side road) must yield to the main traffic.

    It seems redundant to have to use both a Trackmark and a signal at such T intersections since trucks approaching from the side road must always stop no matter what.

    What if I could just command my driver to stop at the (specially-named) signal itself (for a specified amount of time) to eliminate the need for a Trackmark here?

    Having both signal and a track-mark works, but rather sloppy. The truck will creep toward the signal, stop, throw the invisible lever, then hurry to the track mark a few feet ahead and abruptly stop at it.

    It is tough to make road vehicle train-car content conform to the rules of MOTOR WAYS as opposed to railways. I have to set up my motor vehicles using RR rules in this game.

    PS - colored-in-Surveyor invisible track must be embedded 0.30 m blow the road surface: traincar Kenworth tractors by willem2 and Amtrak MOW crane wrecker trucks by superlaku oddly ride with the contact patches of the vehicle tires 0.30 mm above such track. However, the wheel bands and horse hooves horse-drawn traincar content by johnwhelan and elvenor ride right on such track so no subtraction of 0.30 is needed at the spline points. I only subtract 0.28 m over YARN road surfaces so my trucks float ever so slightly above the road so the vehicle ground shadows don't flicker so badly. On flat bare ground as textured gravel roads, I subtract 0.29 at the track splines. YARN road is not perfectly flat. It has road crown curvature. It's thicker at the center and thinner at the shoulders. This adjusting track height at splines is the tedious labor of constructing routes for traincars disguised as road-going wheeled vehicles. It would look stupid for tires to float above the road or to sink below it. I embed invisible track into YARN road because I can precisely shape the curves of the tracks at intersections. Tractor-trailer trucks have to swing wide in corners, you know, so they need track laid at the corners formed into wide arcs.

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