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Is there a way to adjust the ride height in content editing mode?

Drivable Greyhound Coach Bus Reno,<kuid:140046:101325> by janathan.

The invisible track has to be sunk 0.70 m below the surface for the vehicle tires to be at ground level.

This bus content as is from DLS is not comparable with the embedded YARN road track system I have for other "road-going locos" as Kenworth trucks and the Amtrak MOW truck which ride only 0.30 m above track height.

The bus will float like an air car at only 0.30 sunken track.

I wish content creators would all operate on the same page and have uniform standards.
The bus was probably built at a specific height to work with certain roads the author used at the time. Since this was created using the super Adaptor, you might be able to adjust the height in the config.txt. I'm not familiar with this directly, so I recommend taking a look at how it's made and see if it can be adjusted. I'm sure someone who has more knowledge about this stuff can be more helpful but hope this is a start.
I read that thread, but what is the correct notation for the height range tag parameter? If the vehicle is riding 0.70 m above ground level by default, how do I adjust it down to ground level? On some parts of my layout, the drive-able vehicles will ride over bare ground and on other parts they will ride over YARN road ways.

Until I figure this super Adaptor jazz out, I will just use the static 'Dirty Dogs' on my layouts. I'm quite happy with the action of my over-the-road truck traincar content. Some traincars ride at track level, most do, a few specialty traincars ride above or below track level. It would make Trainzers's lives a whole lot easier if each and every traincar (Trainz locos/rolling stock) creator just set his respective work right at track level uniformly.

Most non-railroad train-looking traincars (road trucks, boats) ride above or below track level except horse-drawn wagons and airplanes. The speeders float about 0.20 above.

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