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Thread: TMR 2017 and Settle and Carlisle route

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    Default TMR 2017 and Settle and Carlisle route

    Have just bought TMR 2017 and want to purchase the Settle and Carlisle route. It says it is only compatible with TANE so i wondered if anyone could tell me if it would work on TMR 2017 or would i just be wasting my money

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    I don't have TMR 2017 so I cannot be certain but from my understanding, TMR 2017 is a higher build number than TANE SP1 (the current release) so anything that works on TANE SP1 *should* also work on TMR 2017 - but content that is specifically created for TMR will not work on TANE SP1.

    When TANE SP2 is released (real soon now) then the two products will be compatible if the TANE SP2 owner has purchased an optional TMR pack that will become available after the release of SP2.
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    Currently we have not added full support for DLC items in TMR17 - we're working on a few updates in this area and it shouldn't be too long before the situation improves for you
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