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UPDATE: I fixed it!!

It turned out I was not doing the image and the txt file. So I copied the env_metal.bmp, renamed it as waterglass.bmp, and put it back in the finder. I then copied the env_metal.txt, which I finally now understand is needed with the image file to make it work. (I can't believe I didn't get that). So I edited the env_metal.txt to say "primary=waterglass", renamed it to waterglass.texture.txt, and everything works!


This is what I was trying to 'splain all along.

This is something that will be very common with lots of assets. I suggest saving these files in a folder called parts. Put in other textures you'll come across too such as black.tga along with the black.texture.txt file that matches. If I come across a missing texture that I have, I dig through my folder, like looking in a scrap box, for the textures and bits I need. This has saved me a ton of time when repairing these older assets.