Timeline, cab views, and blank skins

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Well, things are progressing along. I just wished I could get models out of the shop a little quicker, but quicker doesn't equal better.

As for a set timeline for the models i am doing, there isn't one. There is no way I could estimate when I will finish a certain model.... Work and Family take priority.

Custom Cabview: I am working on one for these units. I haven't attempted a cabview before, so please be patient. New territory here. I know some people are frustrated by the use of the default cab view, all I can say is I am working on it.

Blank skins: Only the original PC units came with the nicer skins. I am retrofitting the other units to use them.

I know these engines are no where near payware quality. Doesn't mean that I won't do my best on them.
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  1. illinoiscentral's Avatar
    Chris, the mere fact you have kept at striving to present the forgotten stuff is worth a standing ovation.
    Your stuff is of great quality, and I think I speak for the entire community when I say it truly is some of the best.
  2. railventure's Avatar
    These engines are a work of art. I have downloaded them all, and now they dominate my railways
  3. kissfan2012's Avatar
    I think your stuff is awesome, keep up the good work.